About Us

If you’re looking to hire an Ice Cream Van for your event or for any other reason then Joey Ice Creams are here to help you. We’ve been operating our fleet of Ice Cream vans for nearly 20 years throughout WA.

In 1995 at the age of 20, we purchased a 1972 original Bedford ice cream van called “Mr Skippy” from one of Perth’s first ever ice cream operators, Dominic Scutti, who had been operating in Perth since 1950s.MrSkippy

The soft serve mobile market in Perth in the mid 90’s was a dying trade and needed someone with passion to revive it. Over the following two decades, starting with humble beginnings, Joey Ice Creams has evolved and thrived to become the largest and most respected mobile ice cream business in WA.

There is a good chance, wherever you are in Perth and surroundings, you would have seen the Joey van whether at your work place, resident, or an event – there is no escaping us!

We hope to continue serving Perth great ice cream over many years to come.

Mel & Glen


Why Joey?

Many people ask us why the name Joey Soft Serve? A Joey is a junior kangaroo and our loyal clients are little Australians which are symbolised by the Joey!  

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